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Staying ahead of the grade to get you to the front of the class.

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Our Programs

Offered at convenient times using modern technology, and facilitated by esteemed instructors, our professional development and graduate degree offerings are the only courses that adapt to meet the changing needs of area teachers.

Reading & Writing


Social Emotional Learning

Special Education


Classroom Technology

General Education



Registration is now open for our 
Winter & Spring Semesters!

Our Mission

We strive to support the improvement and advancement of teachers in our community by offering exceptional, modern classes and services.

Students Success Stories

“My instructor was helpful, reachable, and very prepared. The lessons were presented in an easy-to-understand format.”

“Some of the strengths of these courses were how well organized the materials were and how available the professor was. The level of independent research works for me because I work odd hours and could manage the classes with my limited time.”

“The instructors are the real strength behind these courses.  Not only are they very friendly, nice, and supportive, but they are very careful when choosing the material to be taught for each course..”

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Located in Pembroke, Massachusetts

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