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Our Story

Invested in the futures of students and teachers


Started in the 1980's by Sandy Denty, The Denty Connection has a long history of providing consistent professional development to teachers throughout the South Shore.


Today, the business is owned by Bria and Patrick Sullivan, a local family with four children of their own in the local school system and one of the owners working as a local superintendent. Their commitment to helping local teachers grow carries on the legacy of The Denty Connection to bring high-quality, engaging graduate coursework to community educators. 

Admission and Fees

Registration is now open for our

Winter & Spring Semesters! 

Each course costs $750

Each course earns 3 graduate credits (67.5 PDPs)


Meet Our Collegiate Partners

Our highly-trained instructors are experienced, respected and invested in helping you learn and grow

Located in western Massachusetts, Worcester State is a liberal arts and sciences university with a long tradition of academic excellence. The Graduate School at Worcester State University offers exceptional programs designed to help students achieve their professional goals while balancing the realities of work, life, and finances.

Located just north of Boston, Gordon offers students extraordinary access to leading-edge opportunities for intellectual, professional, and leadership development to address the increasingly complex challenges of a global society.  Gordon’s graduate education programs help students earn professional licenses for teaching and administration as well as deepen their practice through targeted training programs.

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